The Eland is a South African light armoured car based on the Panhard AML. Its permanent 4x4 drive gives it its mobility, and it can carry either a 90 mm quick firing low pressure gun, or a 60 mm breech loading mortar as main weapons. Night vision equipment provides effective night time operations, and it is provided with a modern telecommunications system. Contents

Production History

South Africa signed a contract with the French company Panhard for AML armoured cars. 100 were delivered from France and local production started in 1962 for 500 units. Later further production was undertaken - bringing the total number of locally produced vehicles to 1300. The Eland Mk7 is derived from the Panhard AML 60-7 armoured car and has been extensively modified (e.g. diesel conversion) by Reumech OMC for use in the harsh African environment. Some were exported to Lesotho, Malawi, Morocco and Zimbabwe. The South African Army has replaced the Eland with the Rooikat AFV.

Combat History

Elands were used extensively by the SADF during the Angolan Civil War, and were known to crews as "Noddy Cars". They were effective against light armored vehicles and older tanks such as the T-34/85 that were used by the Cubans and the MPLA. A small number of Eland 90s were sold to the Rhodesian government in the mid-1970s to replace the aging Ferret armoured car. They were also used by Morocco in the Western Sahara War, with the Polisario Front capturing some units.