The Eric-Campbell 10/22 was a car produced by Eric, Campbell & Co Ltd between 1919 and 1924. It is thought that around 500 cars were built in this time.

The four cylinder Coventry-Climax engine had a bore of 66mm giving a capacity of 1498cc. It had side valves and produced 22hp. The cars had a cone clutch and a three speed gearbox. The suspension was composed of semi-elliptical springs in the front and cantilever rear suspension.

The car was light, only weighing 1344lb (610kg). This is due to the bodywork being polished aluminium. A top speed of 55mph (89kmh) was guaranteed although they were known to reach speeds of up to 60mph (97kmh).

The cars cost £450 in 1920 and £215 in 1923.