The Ferrari 158 was a racecar made by Ferrari in 1964 as a successor to the V6-powered Ferrari 156 F1 that had dominated in 1961 but become outdated by 1962. As with the British competition, it had a V8 engine. John Surtees won his only Formula One Driver's World Championship in it.

Ferrari in white & blue

Curiously, Ferrari won the 1964 World championship with by competing the last two races in cars painted not in the traditional Rosso corsa but in white and blue, as these were not entered by the Italian factory themselves, but the US-based NART team. This was done as a protest concerning arguments between Ferrari and the Italian Racing Authorities regarding the homologation of a new mid-engined Ferrari race car.

Ferrari 1512

Like Honda with the Honda RA271, Ferrari raced also a 180 degree V12-powered car, called 1512 or 512 F1. In the years 1964 and 1965, both the V8 and V12 were used. The 1965 56.0 x 50.4 mm 1,489.63 cc V12-cylinder engine developed 220 bhp (164 kW) @ 12,000 rpm compared to the 210 bhp (157 kW) @ 11,000 rpm of the 1965 67.0 x 52.6 mm 1,489.24 cc 1965 V8-cylinder engine.

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