The 196 SP was a racecar used in competition produced by Ferrari in 1962, with four cars being made.

The model was first shown to the public in February 1962 along with other racing cars (with a rear engine setup) during the usual press conference organised by Ferrari at the beginning of the season. The models presented were: 248 SP, the 268 SP, the 286 SP and the 196 SP. On this occasion the 250 GTO was also presented but it went largely unnoticed but became famous much later on.

The engine of the cars was derived from that found in the 196 S.


The engine was a V6 with its banks of cylinders at 60 °, being rear mounted and fitted longitudinally. The bore and stroke were 77 mm and 71 mm, which brought the displacement to total 1983.72cc. The compression ratio was 9.8:1. The power delivered by the engine was up to 210hp at 7500rpm.

The engine had a single camshaft, which controlled the two valves per cylinder. The engine was also fitted with three Weber 42 DCN carburettors which helped to boost the amount of power it produced. The ignition was achieved by two coils. The lubrication was dry sump, whilst the engine was connected to the gearbox by a multi-plate clutch.

The suspension was made of independent wishbones, with coil springs and shock absorbers. The cars were also equipped with a front stabiliser bar. The brakes were disc, while the transmission was five-speed unit with reverse. The steering was rack and pinion.

The chassis was made from tubular steel, while the body was a two-seater spyder.

The maximum speed achieved by the model was 240 km/h.