The Ferrari Cart is a prototype, also known as Ferrari 637 or Ferrari Formula Cart, which was designed and built in 1986 by the car manufacturer Ferrari.

This model was designed to be used in American competitions. Even its name comes from the eponymous championship in which it took part.

Whilst discussing the possible creation of this car, there were disagreements between Enzo Ferrari and the FIA, which stemmed from the decision by the FISA to suspend regulation for 1985. This provided for the reduction in capacity to 1200 cc and for which Ferrari had developed a new 4-cylinder engine.

The new Cart utilised an engine that was essentially the 8-cylinder used in the sports world by Lancia LC2. The frame was designed by Gustav Brunner in parallel with the development of the model Ferrari F1-87.

The Cart was tested by Michele Alboreto in 1986, on a test track in Fiorano. The Ferrari never lined up in a race as this car was just an exercise of production and design.

It later became part of the Ferrari gallery, the official museum of the house of the horse, just a few meters from the 4-cylinder engine.

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