A Field Disk is a large spade like piece of equipment that cuts and slices into the earth, digging up roots and other objects from a garden or other. In essence it is used for tillage of a garden so it can be plowed and thence planted. Instead of a large hook for tillage, however, these use a set of discs that are shaped like a rounded octagon, or a somewhat squared-off circle. The discs are very sharp and spin only slightly, but still enogh to dig up the earth, spread it evenly, and then make it able to be plowed.

HNI 0025

The small disk that possibly came with the Ford GTF

HNI 0019

A large field disk-one of the two items we own which uses the steel weight coil for extra weight.

HNI 0024

A relatively bad picture of a Feild Drag Disk, obscured by overgrowth.