Robin Williams plays a maverick scientist who discovers a wonder substance and tries to win the heart of the woman he loves. After many tests (in which he knocks out some nosy neighbours with a baseball and a bowling ball), he perfects his 'flubber' to make it the wonder substance he has dreamed of. Along the way he uses his 'flubber' to help a team of weedy basketball players win against a professional team. He helps them by painting tacks with the magic solution of 15% 'flubber' in order to make them jump higher, move faster and win the game.

The flubber is green in colour and when he attends the basketball game in which he helps fix, the flubber is released and starts to dance and come alive!

He adds the tank of 'flubber' to his Ford Thunderbird in order for it to fly! He makes it so the accelerator cable releases more gamma rays into the tank of 'flubber' making it more energetic.

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