Ford Aurora

Ford Aurora -

The Ford Aurora was a concept  car built in 1965 that featured a windshield that turned transparent to opaque at the touch of a button and an intercom between the driver's "command post" and the children's "romper room" at the rear.

The front passenger seat swivels to face a curved sofa in the lounge area. In place of a steering wheel, the Aurora has a steering bar.

Classic American (December 1997), 'The Aurora, which happens to be a funky looking station wagon with a lot of glass, had some unique features. It only had three doors - two on one side and one on the other (and a back hatch). Continuing the "three" theme, it was divided internally into three compartments - the front had two buckets, and the middle/back each had a kind of wrap-around sofa feature, with a glass partition between the second and third seats. The front styling looked vaguely like a `64-`67 Corvette; the pointy rear looked.....well, it was different!'

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