The futuristic Ford FX-Atmos, caused a stir at the 1954 Chicago Auto Show. According to the vice-president of Ford, its purpose was to "represent one of the many avenues which styling could take into the future" The vehicle contained various gadgets associated with aeronautics, such as a panoramic cabin, ailerons in the back and two frontal sharp tips, able to scare any pedestrian!

Dream cars from the early 1950s borrowed heavily from jet aircraft styling, like the futuristic Ford FX-Atmos. Appearing at the 1954 Chicago Auto Show, the FX-Atmos featured a glass dome roof, tail fins, rocket exhaust taillights and needle-like radio antennae protruding from front fender pods. The radical cockpit had a center-mounted driver’s seat and 2-passenger rear seats. Dual handgrips replaced the normal steering wheel and the dash-mounted "Roadarscope" radar screen provided highway information.