Ford Saguaro

Ford Saguaro -

The Ford Saguaro was a concept car built in 1988.

The car was a prototype design concept for a futuristic four-wheel drive multi-purpose vehicle that would be produced in the mid 90's. This Ford concept made its debut on the Ghia turntable in 1988 at the Turin Automobile Show.

This interesting concept car featured aerodynamic styling, with four doors and a variable seating arrangement, which can accommodate two to seven passengers. The practical, contoured seating is finished in leather with contrasting fabric seat inserts, colour keyed to the Saguaro's pearlescent turquoise paint.

The Sangauro is one of the few concept cars that Ford has ever sold to private hands. The design and development costs for this project were in excess of one million dollars.

The concept car was not fitted with a motor, as it was designed only as a "turntable car," but can be steered. It features a full interior with non-working doors. It is fitted with custom 19.5" off-road style tires. The car is fitted with electrical connections for some of the lights for display purposes.

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