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1964 Ford XM Falcon Deluxe hardtop. at the 2012 NSW All Ford Day, at the Motorsport Park, Sydney

1964 Ford XM Falcon Deluxe hardtop. at the 2012 NSW All Ford Day, at the Motorsport Park, Sydney. by Paul McCurley -

The Ford XM Falcon is a car which was produced by the Ford Australia between 1964 and 1965.


The XM series Falcon range was introduced on 20 February 1964 replacing the XL series Falcon. The XM featured around 1,500 modifications over the XL, including numerous changes to the suspension which now featured stronger ball joints, new front upper wishbones, coil-over shock units and relocated rear spring-hangers. Also new were bigger axle shafts and tougher engine mounts. The vacuum operated windscreen wipers of the XL series were replaced by a two-speed electric motor unit and the seats were stronger with better quality upholstery.

Unlike previous Australian Falcons, the XM represented a significant departure from the contemporary US Ford Falcon models in terms of exterior styling.

Model range[]

The XM range consisted of eight passenger cars and four commercial vehicles.

  • Falcon Sedan
  • Falcon Deluxe Sedan
  • Falcon Futura Sedan
  • Falcon Deluxe Hardtop
  • Falcon Futura Hardtop
  • Falcon Station Wagon
  • Falcon Deluxe Station Wagon
  • Falcon Squire Wagon
  • Falcon Utility
  • Falcon Deluxe Utility
  • Falcon Panel Van
  • Falcon Deluxe Panel Van

The 2-door Hardtop models, which were new for the XM series, were released in July 1964.

Engines options[]

Three engines were available in the XM range.

  • “144” – a 144-cubic-inch (2.36-litre) inline six-cylinder
  • “Pursuit 170" – a 170-cubic-inch (2.78-litre) inline six-cylinder
  • "Super Pursuit" – a 200-cubic-inch (3.28-litre) inline six-cylinder

The “Pursuit 170” was standard equipment on Futura and Squire models and optional on other models. The “Super Pursuit”, which was new for the XM series, was optional on Deluxe, Futura and Squire models when combined with “Fordomatic Drive”, a 2-speed automatic transmission.


47,039 examples of the XM series were produced prior to its replacement by the revised XP Falcon in March 1965.