Frank Reisner (1932–2001) was a Hungarian-born engineer, possibly most well known for founding Intermeccanica in 1959.

Reisner's family moved from Budapest to Montreal in 1939, where he was trained as an engineer and later began work at an auto paint shop. He married his wife Paula in 1957, with whom he parented three children, Henry, Edward, and Evelyn. Reisner eventually immigrated to Italy with his wife, where he began working for Giannini Automobili S.p.A. in Rome, and later moved to Turin, where he founded Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica. The company ran into financial difficulties in 1975, and as a result, Reisner moved the headquarters to San Bernardino, California, where more financial support was offered. Here, Reisner began the successful production of replicas of Porsche 356 Speedsters, in collaboration with Tony Baumgartner in Santa Ana. The company's headquarters was subsequently relocated to Vancouver in 1982. Reisner died of complications due to sarcoidosis during October 2001. Thenceforth, the Intermeccanica company has been administrated by Reisner's eldest son, Henry.