The Manhattan was a car made by Frazer between 1947 and 1951.


The Frazer Manhattan was the top-of-the-line Kaiser-Frazer product. It was their first entirely new postwar body style, and a never before equalled array of interior and exterior colors. These points help to distinguish these Howard Darrin-designed four-door sedans.

The Manhattan's bulbous body and long wheelbase gave enormous interior space, and they combined with an economical six-cylinder engine to provide smooth highway travel with surprising gas mileage. Colours and fabrics were selected by designer Carleton Spencer, a genius whose efforts predicted industry-wide practice.

The Manhattan was the first car to feature straight-through fenderlines and advanced colour/trim combinations. It was built to such a high quality and parts are still readily available in the right places.

The engine was known to suffer from cooling problems as well as being prone to blow head gaskets.

A total of 51,246 Frazer Manhattans were built between 1947 and 1948 and cost when new was between $2,712 and $2,746.


The Manhattan was built by the ailing Kaiser-Frazer, they were beautifully built and opulently finished. The massive four-door dropheads and sedans from 1949-1951 were costly and underpowered. They were fitted with 3705cc side-valve straight-six engines which only produced 112bhp. This amount of power would be fine for a normal car but the Manhattan weighed far more than the average car.

These cars retained the previous bodyshell, spruced up with a new and more attractive honeycomb grille.They also featured large vertical taillights.

The Manhattan could reach 60mph from a standstill in 22 seconds and had a top speed of 90mph (145kmh). This measley performance held sales back and were one of the reasons, along with the cost why the car sold so bad. Between 1949 and 1951 only 253 Frazer Manhattan Driptops were produced apposed to the 9,950 4-door sedan Manhattans being made .