The Boulogne was a car produced by Frazer Nash between 1926 and 1932.

The Boulogne was originally offered with just the Anzani engine in different states of tune but when the Meadows OHV engine became available this was added to the options list. The engine was usually fitted in a twin carburettor form. The engine was connected to a three or four speed gearbox (later multiple chain) via a dry three plate clutch.

The engine produced 80bhp and gave the car a top speed of 82mph (132kmh).

The chassis came in three sizes and these were, 8ft, 8ft 3in and 8ft 9in. The chassis had quarter elliptical leaf springs all round and the car had cable operated brakes.

It was available in a variety of body styles including a two-seater and a three/four-seater, the latter being a more popular choice.

The car cost £450 in 1930.