The Interceptor was a car made by Frazer Nash between 1924 and 1932. 147 were built.

The clutch was new as was the insertion of a rubberised fabric universal joint between the propeller shaft and the bevel box. The bevel box was supplied by ENV and used their spiral bevel gears. There were three chains for the forward gears and an auxiliary one for reverse. The relevant sprocket was engaged by a system of dog gears.

The suspension was quarter elliptical leaf springs all round with radius arms to control movement at the rear and shock absorbers at the front. Braking was via a cable to the rear wheels only.

The Interceptor used a 4 cylinder 1496cc engine with side valves. It was able to produce 38bhp.

The Interceptor was available as a Two-seater, three/four-seater and a two-seater sports. The two-seater sports was finished in polished aluminium and a V-windscreen.

The two seat tourer cost £295 in 1924.