The Fuhr Motors Osage was a kit car produced in Lake Grove, New York.

The car is based on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis and is a two-seat wedge-shaped gull-wing doored GT sports car. The car features roll up windows, removable sun roof pods in each door and a hinged front end. The body is constructed of foam panels sandwiched between two layers of fibreglass.

The basic kit included the complete body, inner tub, doors, inner panels, rear engine lid with integral spoiler, upholstered dash, nose section, and assembly manual. Such items as window glass, lights, wipers, interior, shifter, instruments, and wiring harness are available as options.

Osage bodies were available in a wide selection on colours. The overall length of the cars when finished is 175 inches and the width is 70 inches. The cars sit at just 42 inches high.

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