The Fuldamobil N is a model of car produced by the electrical engineering company Fulda GmbH under the brand Fuldamobil. It appeared in 1951 and was the first production model, it was later replaced by the Fuldamobil N-1.


Both the models (coupe and convertible) could accommodate two people. Like the prototype, the first production model had a sloping front that without a break in the windshield. The wooden frame of the vehicle was in contrast to the prototype as it was now furnished with synthetic leather. In June 1951, the body dimensions were changed slightly.


The air or fan-cooled single-cylinder two stroke engine of Baker & Pölling had a displacement of 248 cc and made ​​8.5 hp. It was mounted in front and the single rear wheel drove the car through a chain to from the engine. The top speed was 75 km/h.

Price and Quantity

The original price of a new car was 2250 DM. Only 74 cars were made, including at least 22 Roadsters.

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