The Fuldamobil N-1 is a car model produced by the electrical engineering company Fulda GmbH under the brand Fuldamobil. It appeared in 1951 as a successor to the Fuldamobil N and was replaced in 1952 by the Fuldamobil N-2.


Both the closed and the open-door bodies could seat two people. By contrast to its predecessor this vehicle had one body with a common front and a relatively steep windscreen, it was a two-door "suicide doors" car, and the vehicle was 13 cm longer. The wood framework was covered by aluminum sheets. Paint was not applied, this helped the model gain the nickname Silver flea.


The air or fan-cooled single-cylinder two stroke engine of Baker & Pölling had a displacement of 247 cm³ and produced ​​8.5 hp. It was mounted in front of the car and power was sent to the single rear wheel through a chain. The top speed was 75 km/h.

New price and quantity

The original price for a new car was 2490 DM. Only about 320 cars were produced.

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