The Fuldamobil N-2 is a car model produced by the electrical engineering company Fulda GmbH under the brand Fuldamobil. It appeared in 1952 as a successor to the Fuldamobil N-1 and was produced until 1955. It was produced in parallel with the larger model Fuldamobil S-2.


The closed-door coupe with "suicide doors" could seat 4 people whereas the Roadster however only had room for two people. On the wood framework, aluminium sheets were nailed to create the shape of the car. The paint was omitted and like the previous model, this model was given the nickname Silver flea. From the spring of 1953 at an additional cost, a painted aluminum body available.


The air or fan-cooled single-cylinder two stroke engine of Fichtel & Sachs had a displacement of 359 cm³ and produced ​​9.5 hp. The engine was mounted in the front and the single rear wheel drove the car through a chain. The top speed was 80 km/h.

New price and Quantity

The original price was initially 2990 DM, from June 1954 it was reduced to 2200 DM. Only about 320 cars were made between  September 1952 and August 1955.

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