The NWF 200 is the only car model produced by Northwest German automotive engineering from Wilhelmshaven. It was offered under the Fuldamobil brand.


The car had a 2+2 layout, being able to carry 4 people. It was a two-door "suicide doors" car and at the rear of the vehicle there was a tailgate that included the small rear window. This gave access to the luggage compartment above the rear wheel and the engine. The body parts were supplied by the United German Metal Works from Werdohl.


The air or fan-cooled single-cylinder two stroke engine of ILO had a displacement of 197 cm³ and produced ​​9.5 hp. It was mounted in front and power was sent to the single rear wheel via a chain. The top speed was 80 km/h.

Price and quantity

The price for a new car was 2780 DM. Between March 1954 and August 1955, 701 cars had been made.

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