The Fuldamobil Prototyp is a car model built by Fulda GmbH, being presented on 9 March 1950 as the first model of Fuldamobil. In 1951, the Prototyp was followed by the Fuldamobil N as the first production model.


The car could seat two people with the doors being hinged at the B-pillar, "suicide doors". The prototype possessed a sloping front and a straight two-piece windscreen. The wooden frame that made up the structure for the body, was covered with steel sheets.


The air-cooled single-cylinder two stroke engine from Zündapp had a displacement of 198cc and a power output of ​​6.5 hp. The engine was mounted in front of the single rear wheel and drove it through a chain. The top speed was 65 km/h.

Price and quantity

The proposed price of a new car was 1850 DM (£750 or $1266). There was only one copy built.

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