The Fuldamobil S-5 is a car model produced by the electrical engineering company Fulda GmbH and was sold under the brand Fuldamobil. It appeared in 1955 as a successor to the Fuldamobil S-2. It was produced in parallel with the Fuldamobil S-4 which had the technology, but were closed limousines produced in larger quantities. In 1957, the Fuldamobil S-7 replaced the S-5..


The open body was a two-door "suicide doors" car and had room for two people.


The air or fan-cooled single-cylinder two stroke engine of Fichtel & Sachs had a displacement of 191 cm³ which produced ​​10 hp. It was installed in front of the rear axle, driving the rear wheels. On request there was also was three wheel design available with a single rear wheel. The top speed was 85 km/h.

Price and quantity

The price of a new car was 2780 DM. Between September 1955 and October 1956, about 168 copies of the S-4 and S-5 were made.

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