GAZ-12 ZIM (Russian: ГАЗ-12 ЗиМ) is a limousine produced at the GAZ from 1950 till 1959. ZIM abbreviation stands for Zavod Imeni Molotova, which reflects the part of factory's official name at the time. Models produced after 1956 did not carry the ZIM abbreviation anymore.

4 and 5-door ambulance versions GAZ-12B (ГАЗ-12Б) were also produced from 1951 till 1960. A phaeton version existed, only 3 pieces were built between 1949 and 1951 for the government elite.

Pre-production started in 1949, and it is believed that the first prototype was constructed in 1948.

At least three ZIM cars have been rebuilt for usage on narrow gauge railways. Two of them are still in use.

Amount of cars produced was 21527 pcs (all modifications).