GN Cyclecar

The GN Cyclecar was made in Hendon, North London, between 1910 and 1920, then moving to Wandsworth, London.

The name derives from its founders, H.R. Godfrey and Archibald Frazer-Nash. Production ceased in 1923 but the company kept trading until 1925.

The car was powered by a V twin engine by JAP or Peugeot with belt drive to the rear wheels. By 1911, production had moved to Hendon and GN's own 1100 cc engine, using some Peugeot parts being fitted. The engine was mounted in the chassis with the crankshaft parallel to the front axle, driving through a two speed transmission by chain and dog clutch, then by belt to the rear wheels. in spite of the low power available, it could reach 60 mph, which was very respectable performance for the time.