The Garant 30k SK-1 better known as the SK-1 was an East German armored patrol vehicle was used only by the riot police of the Volkspolizei and not used by the East German Army. Though similar in appearance to the Russian BA-64, the SK-1 is an independent development and much bigger than the BA-64. The SK-1 is the chassis of a Robur Garant 30K truck fitted with an armored body and a light turret. There is a door in the rear of the hull for the crew to enter, and a hatch on top of the turret. The turret has several vision slits and a hole for a machinegun. With the reunification of Germany, most of the SK-1s were scrapped, except for some sent to museums or private collectors.


  • Fuel Type Diesel, A
  • Load 300 kg
  • Vehicle Weight 5.4 tons
  • Crew 2+3
  • Fuel Cap 120/48
  • Armor 16mm
  • Armament MG-34 with 900 rounds of 7.92mm Ammunition