Ghia G230S

Ghia G230S -

The Ghia G230S was a concept car that was first shown at the 1963 Turin Motor Show.

After becoming successful at bodying both American and Italian cars, Ghia began production of their own cars. The G230S is one of the first cars to be completed entirely by Ghia, but they enlisted much help from the local area surrounding them.

Ghia started with the Fiat 2300 S platform, but used entirely upgraded components. The chassis was far too basic, so Ghia turned to Gilco who had designed and built Ferrari chasiss. At Gilco, engineer Gioacchino Colombo designed a tubular space frame which followed his masterful Maserati Birdcage concept.

The engine, disc brakes, gearbox and axles from the Fiat were upgraded by Abarth counterparts which were heavily upgraded. Ghia was careful to chose companies like Fiat and Abarth which could sustain production need be.

Ghia made an initial run of prototypes, as little as two, for the international shows. Unfortunately the design never reached production, but a single green prototype still exists.

Chassis number 114BS135700 is the sole surviving G230S and it remains in completely original condition. It was used by Ghia for several years, then passed on into the hands of company director. With just 28,000 km on the odometer, this car was offered by E.Thiessen in Belium in 2008 and was displayed at the 2008 Retromobile show.