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Ginetta G11

The G11 was a kitcar made by Ginetta between 1966 and 1968. The car was first shown at the 1966 British Motor Show.

The G11 shared the body of the G10 (minus the bonnet power bulge). Instead of the huge V8, G11 had a MGB engine and was launched as a direct competitor to the MGB.

The engine was equipped a 1799cc (109.8 cui) unit which delivered 95 hp (96 PS, 70.5 kW) of power.

The G11 was an extremely pretty two-seater open top sports car. It was though of the British equivalent of the Ginetta G10 which was created specifically for the American market which had a Ford V8 engine.

The G11 was more suited to the British market with its British powerplant and BMC parts. They are a rare car now as only 12 were made due to the difficulty in getting all the nesscary BMC parts.

The G11 was sold for £1,200 as a rolling chassis/body unit.

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