Ginetta G32 (2)

Ginetta G32

The Ginetta G32 was a mid-engined sports car made by Ginetta from 1989 until 1990. The final production figure was 115 cars. The G32 cos between £14,487 and £16,455 when new depending on the engine size and body style.

It was available with a 1.6 Ford which came from the Ford Escort XR3i. The doors, windscreen and parts of the interior came from the donor car, the Ford Fiesta.

The G32 was also available in a 1.9 litre version as well as a convertible, but these are far rarer.

The G32's body is mainly made of fibreglass and the chassis is made of galvanized steel. The only thing to worry about with the bodywork was corrosion of the steel doors.


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