The Ginetta G8 was a single-seater Formula 3 racecar built in 1964. Only one was made and it still survives to the current day.

The G8 monocoque consisted of a steel frame made of 16 and 18 gauge tubing sandwiched between two layers of fibreglass. The steel frame then acted as an attachment point for the suspension, engine and gearbox. Steel sub-frames were added front and rear for attaching auxiliary components. The engine was a 1000cc Holbay-Ford unit which was mated with a 4-speed Hewland gearbox.

Front suspension was by lower wishbones with rockers operating the inboard springs and dampers. Modified Triumph Herald uprights were used with an anti-roll bar inside the bodywork. Rear suspension employed reversed lower wishbones, a top link and twin radius rods with outboard springs and dampers, no rear anti-roll bar was fitted initially. Rear uprights were Ginetta made magnesium units and the wheels (also of Ginetta make) were 13 inch.

Due to the sheer cost of the project, Ginetta gave up on it to focus more on their kit cars.

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