Gurgel Carajás was a Brazilian car, a SUV, produced by Gurgel between late 1984 and January, 1991. All Carajás were 4 x 2 drive, but they were produced with motors in three options: gasoline and ethanol with 1800cc, and diesel with 1600cc. It had a front engine and a rear transmission, connecting both by the use of a system called Tork Tube System, or TTS for short. The late Carajás VIP has four doors on a slightly longer wheelbase, although the long front doors are the same as those fitted on two-door versions which does not help its appearance.Between 1985 and 1990, this vehicle was the number one in sells, in its class, in Brazil. In 1989, Gurgel Carajás had 75% of its market, against just 25% to its only option in Brazil, the very expensive Toyota Bandeirante - between 1976 and 1990, importing vehicles was illegal.This success became over on second semester of 1990, when the Lada Niva came to Brazil, and Gurgel Carajás' sells fell. For Gurgel, until 1990, this vehicle was very profitable; on January, 1991, the production was halted.