The Goliath was a lorry chassis which was built by Guy Motors. It came in two variants, one being the 4-wheel 'Goliath' which was designed to carry 12 tons. The other variant was the 6-wheel version which could carry 19 tons, this was the maximum legal gross load at the time. A variety of frame lengths and axle ratios were available, including tipper and trailer models.

The all-steel cab was a forward control type, with pressed steel doors and controlled drop windows. Twin panel windscreens had a large area, together with two shaped quarter lights, afforded excellent all-round vision. The engine cowl was well sealed to reduce noise and vibration, and to eliminate fumes entering the cab.

The Goliath was fitted with a choice of two engine. A Gardner 6LW six-cylinder diesel could be fitted as well as a Gardner 5LW five-cylinder diesel engine. The Gardner 6LW engine had compression ignition and direct injection and produced 112bhp at 1700 rpm and a torque output 358 lb ft at 1300 rpm. The Gardner 5LW engine came with compression ignition and direct injection developing 94bhp at 1700 rpm, torque output was 300 lb ft at 1300 rpm. The cooling system consisted of a centrifugal pump, driven from the engine camshaft. Fuel injection was provided by two CAV flange-mounted multi-pump units, fitted with hand priming levers. Multi-hole sprayers were clamped in the cylinder heads.

A robust five-speed full constant mesh gearbox was fitted to the car. A 16 inch single dry-plate clutch was also fitted between the gearbox and the engine.

Semi-elliptic leaf-springs were fitted with resilient bumper pads at the front and rear. The entire 'Goliath' range could be supplied with a fully articulated, 2-spring rear bogie. The chassis consisted of side members of channel section steel pressings (¼" thick). These had a straight-through top flange. The pressings were one sixteenth of an inch thicker on the 6-wheel chassis. The Goliath had compressed air operated foot brakes which were powered by an air compressor driven from the gearbox reverse shaft.

The Goliath has a 24 volt electrical system, fitted with batteries (108 amp hours) and a dynamo (288 watts). A 40 Imperial gallon fuel tank was mounted on left-hand side.

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