The Guy Otter was a chassis which was very popular, both at home and abroad. It was fitted to a vast range of bodies.

It had a comfortable all-metal cab, with a bolted joint at the waist-line for easy removal during major overhauls, or for shipping purposes. The fully domed roof, and cambered sides and back, provided great strength, while presenting a modern and attractive appearance. Twin safety glass windscreens gave exceptionally good visibility.

Versions of the cab were available for use in hot and tropical climates, including an external double-skinned roof, single or double opening windscreens, reversing windows, a sliding rear window, and swivelling quarter lights.

The 8 to 10 ton tractor had a 9 ft. wheelbase, and was designed for use with an articulated trailer, to provide a G.W.V. of 15 tons under normal operating conditions.

The Otter was fitted with a Perkins P6 engine which produced 83bhp at 2,400 rpm and torque 203 lb ft at 1,400rpm. The chassis was also available with a Gardner 4LK engine which produced 57bhp at 2,100 rpm and a maximum torque of 161 lb ft at 900-1,300 rpm. A five-speed gearbox was fitted with constant mesh on the 3rd and 4th gears and direct drive on the 5th gear. An 11 inch dry, single-plate clutch was fitted which wastotally enclosed and required no lubrication.

Semi-elliptic leaf-springs were fitted at front and rear. Shock absorbers could be supplied at an extra cost. The chassis was a rigid frame built from 8 inch deep side members, braced with deep channel section cross members.

Brakes were fitted on all four wheels with hydraulic type with vacuum servo assistance. The Otter was fitted with a 12 volt electrical system and 12 volt starter motor. A 17½ gallon capacity fuel tank was also fitted.

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