The Guy Vixen chassis was popular in many parts of the world. It had a low height which meant an ease of access to the cab.

It had many uses included delivery vehicles, tipper trucks, mobile libraries and even as a tower wagon. Another alluring feature was it's low fuel consumption, at around 28 mpg.

The Vixen was fitted with a Guy 3.4 litre four-cylinder engine. It produced 58 bhp at 2400 rpm and 154 lb ft of torque at 1,500 rpm. The Perkins P4 engine could be fitted as an alternative. A four-speed gearbox with reverse was fitted. It was a constant mesh type with constant mesh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. A single dry-plate Borg & Beck. 11 inch clutch was fitted.

The chassis frame was made of seven inch deep steel side members. They were braced with deep channel cross section cross members which were secured with bolts. The suspension comprised of semi-elliptical leaf-springs at the front and at the rear. If needed, shock absorbers could be fitted. Fourteen inch drum brakes were fitted on the front axles and sixteen inch drum brakes were fitted on the rear axle. They consisted of Girling leading shoes with Lockheed hydrovac assistance on all four wheels.

A 12 volt lighting system from two 6 volt heavy duty batteries giving 63 amp-hours were fitted. The headlamps are sunk into the front dash plate. The fuel tank had a 17½ gallon capacity.