The 14/40 Sports was a car made by HE between 1922 and 1925.

The 14/40 Sports differs from the 14/40 in a number of ways. Some of these were the introduction of larger, polished inlet ports and a new Zenith triple-diffuser carburettor. A double ignition system was fitted which had two coils and two distributors. They were driven by bevel gears and there were two plugs per cylinder.

The car was fitted with a four-cylinder 2121cc engine which was connected to a four-speed gearbox via a multi-plate clutch. The engine produced 40bhp and the top speed of the car was 75mph (121kmh).

The chassis was 9ft 6in ad fitted with semi-elliptical leaf-springs in the rear and quarter-elliptical leaf-springs in the rear. The car was fitted with four wheel brakes from 1923 but before then brakes were only fitted on the rear wheels.The car had a slim sporting body and if ordered, could be fitted with a four-branch outside exhaust.

The cars cost £800 when new and it is not know how many were built.

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