The 1½ Litre was a car made by HRG between 1936 and 1939. Around 26 cars were made in this time.

The car was fitted with a 1946cc four-cylinder Meadows 4ED engine having a gear-driven camshaft low down in the block. Twin SU carburettors were fitted which gave the car good performance. Ignition was by Scintilla magneto.

The chassis design was traditional being of a ladder-frame design with four cross-members. It was assembled in house and was held together with bolts rather than welds or rivets. Quarter-elliptical lea-springs were fitted in the front and semi-elliptical leaf-springs were fitted in the rear. HRG's own design drum brakes were fitted and were cable operated.

The petrol tank was of slab design and the windscreen could be folded flat.

The cars cost £395 when new.

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