The Hampton 14 was a car produced between 1923 and 1929. The Stroud Motor Manufacturing Co. produced the car from 1924.

The 14 was a larger-engined and longer version of the 9/21 with an engine now made by Henry Meadows, but probably to the Dorman design used previously. The engine was a 1496cc four-cylinder water-cooled unit.

The gearbox now had four speeds. The suspension used half-elliptic springs on both axles. The wheelbase was 108 inches (2743 mm) long and the overall car being 138 or 150 inches (3505 or 3810 mm) long, depending on the body fitted.

A tourer cost £500 in 1923 but the price fell over the years to £315. A supercharger was possibly an option on some of the later cars, showing Hampton still had sporting interests.

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