The Hanomag 1.3 Liter was a car made by the Hanover-based company Hanomag who introduced the car in the spring of 1939.

The car had a 4-cylinder OHV engine with a 1.3 litre displacement which produced 32hp. Accordance with the requirements of the time the car was able to cruise at speeds of 62mph (100kmh). A fully synchronized 4-speed gearbox was fitted with power going to the rear wheels.

The self-supporting all-steel body had a streamlined shape. The car looked much like a Volkswagen Beetle. The front end was considerably longer than the VW, which resulted in a significantly different view from the side compared to the VW. The rigid rear axle hung on semi-elliptic longitudinal leaf springs, the front wheels were independently suspended on vibrating metal-rubber torsion spring bodies.The vehicle was only a two-door sedan with rear-hinged doors. The fuel tank took 35 litres of fuel.

Production carried on until 1941 and 9,187 were built.

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