The Hanomag 3/16 PS Type P is a compact car introduced by Hanover-based company Hanomag in 1929 as a successor to the Type 2/10 PS.

The car had a 751cc four-cylinder engine with which produced 16hp stuck. A three-speed gearbox was used and power went to the rear wheels (these were driven still without a differential). The body was made of steel clad with a hardwood frame. Initially the car was sold only as convertible but a sedan became available in 1929.

In mid-1930 the car was replaced by an updated model, the Hanomag 3/16 PS Type 53. This car had a 797cc engine but it was still only able to produce 16hp like it's predecessor. Unlike its predecessors, this car had a differential. It was available as a convertible, a convertible sedan or a limousine.

Also in 1930 another car appeared which had the same body, but with an even more powerful engine. The engine was a1097cc unit which produced 20hp. The new car was called the Hanomag 4/20 PS Type 63.This car was only available as a sedan and a convertible sedan.

The total production number for all 3 vehicles was 9300.

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