The Hanomag 3/17 PS Type N 53 is a compact car, made by the Hanover-based company Hanomag in 1932 as the successor to the Type 3/16 PS.

The car compared to its predecessor, was a little longer and wider. It now offered four full seats in both the sedan and the convertible limousine. Two seats were no longer offered. The engine was still the 797cc (17hp) unit.

At the same time appeared the Hanomag 4/23 PS Type N 63, which replaced the Model 4/20 PS Type 63.

The following year, the small car was given a more powerful engine and was now called the Hanomag 3/18 PS Type 900. The cars 898cc engine delivered 18bhp.

Similarly the Hanomag 4/23 PS Type 11 was released. The car was a little heavier and had wider tires. In addition, the car was available as a full convertible.

The total of all four vehicles produced is 12 950.

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