The Hanomag Garant Type 11/4 was a small car which was made by the Hanoverian company Hanomag in 1934 as successor of type 4/23 PS.

The car was similar to the 4/23 PS Type 11 but had received instead of the 3-speed gearbox, the Garant had a four-speed. The car was fitted with a 1097cc engine which produced 23hp. The full convertible was no longer offered.

In parallel with the Garant, Hanomag introduced the Kurier 11 K Type.The K stood for the low-profile box frame, replacing the usual U-section pressed steel frame. The Kurier had the engine of the Garant and was supplied solely as a closed sedan.

The following year, the Garant was given a larger chassis. It retained the Hanomag Type 11/35 engine. The car had now had all round suspension, in contrast to the previous model which only has transverse springs on the front wheels. The car was only offered as a convertible sedan.

The Garant Hanomag Type 11/36 was introduced in 1936 and was relatively unchanged. It was now also available as a sedan.