The Hanomag Sturm Type 22K began production in 1934 and was made by the Hanover automobile manufacturers Hanomag. It was made up until 1939.

The car had a 6-cylinder OHV in-line engine with a displacement of 2.25-litres which produced 5 hp at 3500rpm. The car was fitted with a four-speed gearbox and power was sent to the to the rear wheels. The car had a live rear axle that was suspended by semi-elliptic leaf springs, and front suspension with transverse leaf springs.

The car was available as a two or fout-door sedan (by Ambi-Budd available), as a four-seat convertible or a two-seater roadster.

In 1936, the convertible and roadster bodied versions had been modernised and became the Hanomag Strum Type 23 K. They had perforated disc wheels. The four-door sedan was a chassis with a longer wheelbase.

From 1937, all models had a more powerful engine with 55 horsepower. The sedan now had perforated disc wheels.

A diesel version was originally planned and was shown at the Paris Motor Show in 1936. The car had a six-cylinder engine with 2860cc capacity and a power output of ​​37 kW. This would have beeen the first 6-cylinder diesel engine in a German production car. The series was not produced.

A total of 4885 cars were built.

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