The 20HP was a car produced between 1904 and 1907 by the Spanish automaker Hispano-Suiza.


The 20HP was the first model to display the trademark Hispano-Suiza bade. It was a high-end car, in fact, tending to luxury. Its robustness and reliability captured the attention of the Spanish monarch, who was Alfonso XIII. He was also a fan of cars. Alfonso XIII bought a 20HP chassis which he would later apply bodywork according to his taste.

The cars were with a 3.8litre 4 cylinder engine which produced about 30 hp of power. This is the reason that the car is also known as 20/30HP (where the number 20 indicating the power of taxation, while the number 30 signifies the actual horsepower).

The fact that the same King Alfonso XIII decreed the extraordinary qualities of this car sanctioned the ultimate success for Hispano-Suiza and its cars. But the success was expected to grow further, after some statements obtained from 20HP in sports, including second place at the rally in the Pyrenees in ' August of 1905 .

Production of the 20HP ended in 1907.

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