Hispano-Suiza Alfonso XIII

The Alfonso XIII, named after the then-current Spanish king, was an automobile from the 1910s built by Spanish automaker Hispano-Suiza. King Alfonso owned about 30 cars made by the company, and because of his loyalty, Hispano-Suiza decided to rename what they originally decided to dub as the 15T to the Alfonso XIII. The car was designed by Swiss engineer Marc Birkigt and produced in Barcelona, Spain. Only 4 were made. One is currently at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire, UK. This car cost £545 new in 1912.

Engine and transmission

The Alfonso XIII was equipped with a Type 15T four-cylinder 3,615 cc engine, and was capable of producing 64 hp with 3.6 litres of displacement. It was fast for the time period, capable of reaching over 120 km/h (75 mph). As a result, it was successful in motorsport, and notably won many voiturette races throughout France.