The 12/50 was a sports car made by Hodgson between 1923 and 1925. Only a handful were ever made.

The 12/50 had a 1496cc Anzani engine and mated to a Meadows 4-speed gearbox via a single-plate clutch. The engine was capable of taking the car to 85mph (137kmh).

This king of performance for a 1.5 litre car did not come cheap and only the wealthy could afford their high price tag, even after the priced came down a little.

The 12/50 had an aluminium body on a 9ft chassis. The chassis had quarter-elliptical leaf-springs on the front and semi-elliptical leaf-springs on the rear. Brakes were fitted on all four wheels.

The car cost £695 in 1923 and £550 in 1924.