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Holden FB Special

Holden FB Special front view

The Holden FB series is a range of motor vehicles that was produced by General Motors-Holden's in Australia from 1960 to 1961. Introduced on 14 January 1960, the FB series replaced the Holden FC range.

Model range[]

The FB range consisted of four door sedans in two trim levels, five-door station wagons in two trim levels, a two-door coupe utility and a two-door panel van. The six models were marketed as follows:

  • Holden Standard Sedan
  • Holden Special Sedan
  • Holden Standard Station Sedan
  • Holden Special Station Sedan
  • Holden Utility
  • Holden Panel Van

The Holden Business Sedan, which had been marketed as part of the FC range, was not carried over to the FB series.


The FB was promoted as being longer, lower, more spacious and more powerful than the FC model although in reality it was only slightly so on each count. Overall length was 5.5 inches (140 mm) greater whilst the wheelbase remained the same. The engine was bored out by 1/16 of an inch to take the engine capacity to 138 cubic inches and the compression ratio was raised. However the resulting extra 4 brake horsepower (3.0 kW) of power did not compensate for the extra weight of the FB and performance was thus inferior to that of its predecessor. Changes were also made to the brakes, front coil springs, air cleaner and clutch.

Obvious styling differences were the lower bonnet, finned rear mudguards with new taillights (on the sedans and wagons only) and a wrap-around windscreen. Seating was improved as was the instrument panel.

Notably, the FB was the first Holden model to also be produced in left-hand drive form, these vehicles being destined for export markets.


All FB models were powered by a 138 cubic inches (2,260 cc) inline six-cylinder engine, producing 75 brake horsepower (56 kW).

Production and replacement[]

After a production run of 147,747 vehicles, the FB was replaced by the Holden EK series in May 1961.