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The Holden FE is an automobile which was produced by General Motors–Holden's in Australia from 1956 to 1958.


The FE models were built on a longer wheelbase than the FJ series Holdens which they replaced and they featured totally different styling, the FJ models having used a body shape carried over from the original Holden 48-215 series introduced in 1948. A single piece windscreen was now fitted and other improvements included a 12 volt electrical system (replacing the previous 6 volt system), improved steering, a front stabiliser bar and wider wheel rims. All models used a 2262 cc in-line six cylinder engine, coupled with a 3 speed manual gearbox. Engine improvements over the FJ included the use of bigger valves and the lifting of the compression ratio to 6.8:1, which increased the power output from 45 kW (60 hp) to 53 kW (71 hp).

Model range[]

The seven Holden FE models series were marketed as follows:

  • Holden Standard Sedan
  • Holden Standard Station Sedan
  • Holden Business Sedan
  • Holden Special Sedan
  • Holden Special Station Sedan
  • Holden Utility
  • Holden Panel Van

When introduced in July 1956, the FE range consisted of the Holden Standard Sedan, Holden Business Sedan and Holden Special Sedan, the names designating different levels of equipment and interior trim. The existing FJ series Holden Utility and Holden Panel Van models continued alongside the new sedans, with the FE Utility replacing its FJ counterpart in February 1957. Two station wagon models, the Holden Standard Station Sedan and the Holden Special Station Sedan were released in March 1957, marking the first time that Holden had included a wagon in its range since the marque was introduced in 1948. The FE Panel Van replaced its FJ predecessor in May 1957, bringing the FE range up to its full complement of seven models.

Production & replacement[]

After a production run of 155,161 vehicles the entire FE range was replaced by the Holden FC series in July 1958.