Holden HZ is an automobile which was produced between 1977 and 1980 by General Motors-Holden's Ltd.

The Holden HZ received minor updates to the exterior over the HX series, and saw the introduction of what Holden termed "Radial Tuned Suspension" (RTS) on all models. RTS made significant changes to the suspension of the car, greatly improving the handling finesse, while at the same time not compromising ride quality. Modern Motor magazine described the HZ as "a great handler spoiled by the car" in a comparison against the BMW 528i, contrasted as "a great car spoiled by the handling". In this series, the lower-end Belmont was deleted and the Kingswood became the base model for sedans and wagons, with a new model the slightly more upmarket Kingswood SL introduced. During the course of the HZ series, equipment levels were upgraded in 1978 effectively to match improvements in the opposition Ford Falcon range, but the life of the Kingswood looked set to end following Holden's release of the VB Commodore in November 1978. After 1980, Kingswood passenger cars were cancelled—replaced by the downsized Commodore.

Model range

The Holden HZ was offered in four sedan and three station wagon models, marketed as follows:

  • Holden Kingswood Sedan
  • Holden Kingswood Wagon
  • Holden Kingswood SL Sedan
  • Holden Kingswood SL Wagon
  • Holden Premier Sedan
  • Holden Premier Wagon
  • Holden GTS

It was also available in two coupe utility, two panel van and one cab chassis model, marketed as follows:

  • Holden Ute
  • Holden Kingswood Ute
  • Holden Van
  • Holden Kingswood Van
  • Holden One Tonner (cab chassis)

There were two special vehicle packages also available based upon commercial vehicles:

  • Holden Sandman Ute and Holden Sandman Van - option code XX7 (passenger tyres) or XU3 (load rated tyres).
  • Ambulance - option code BO6, available on cab chassis and Holden panel van.

Sandman Ute and Van

The final HZ Sandman, featured a choice of V8 engines only, along with a four-headlight grille and under bumper front spoiler. According to a GMH Price List dated 25 January 1979, a basic HZ Holden panel van was priced at AU$6,076, with the Sandman option package an additional AU$1,700. The further optional components also included 5.0 litre V8 engine and a limited slip differential. If a buyer selected every Sandman extra, the price would be more than 150% of the cost of the basic HZ model. By the end of 1979, the Sandman had largely lost its place in the contemporary Australian youth culture - order figures were down and many of the vehicles were now being sold with the stripes and tailgate logos deleted. The Sandman ute was phased out of production prior to the van, the last of which was manufactured around October 1979.

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