The Honda Legend is a six-cylinder mid-size sedan produced by Asian automaker Honda since 1985. 

First Generation

The first-generation model was introduced to Japan on October 22, 1985. The introduction of the Legend was also coincided with the launch of a new dealership in Japan called Honda Clio. The Legend was a result of a joint venture with Britain's Austin Rover Group called Project XX that started in November 1981. The decided to  build the Legend in the UK. Honda wanted to expand its new range of cars and make a suitable car for wealthy people.  The major mechanical differenc between the Legend and other Japanese sedans was that the Legend was front-wheel drive. This provided the Legend with a front-end heavy 63/37 front to rear weight distribution ratio. The ride was engineered to appeal towards the luxury car market. Efforts to minimize torque steer were achieved by half shafts.

Honda then decided to introduce the Honda Legend Coupe. The Honda Coupe was introduced February 6, 1987.

Second Generation

The second generation model was introduced October 24, 1990 and continued to offer both a sedan version and a coupe version. In Japan, this Legend was known as the "Super Legend" due to a much larger 3.2 C32A engine. The Type I engine was rated at 215 PS and the Type II was rated at 235 PS and included a touring system. This Legend benefited from research of the Honda NSX. Honda introduced a passenger side airbag on this model, they also improved its safety.

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