The Honda Vigor was a premium sedan sold in Japan through the Honda Verno dealer network from 1981 to 1995 derived from the Honda Accord, and briefly sold in North America from 1992 to 1994 as the Acura Vigor. Early Vigors were more upmarket versions of the Accord and served as Honda's flagship until the arrival of the Honda Legend. In 1989, the Vigor would differentiate itself further from the Accord with unique styling and an available longitudinal five-cylinder engine, and a twin to the Vigor was introduced with the Honda Inspire, available at Honda Clio dealerships.

It was replaced in North America with the Acura TL and in Japan with the Honda Saber/Inspire, which were the same vehicle sold through different networks. The Vigor was developed during what was known in Japan as the Japanese asset price bubble or "bubble economy".