The Horch 670 Type 12 was a luxury passenger car, made by Horch between 1931 and the 1934. It was introduced as a more powerful version of the Model 8 Type 780B.

The vehicle had a front mounted longitudinally 6 Litre V12 engine (with side valves). The engine developed 120hp and power was transferrered through a four-speed transmission with (shift lever) delivering power to the rear wheels drive. A two-and a four-door convertible were offered on the short chassis.

A year later the long chassis (Type 600) was introduced. This complemented the Model 8 Type 500B. The Type 600 was on a 300mm longer chassis and bodied offered with it included the Pullman limousine and a Pullman convertible.

Both cars largely corresponded to the respective Horch 8 range. Striking on the models were the three-piece windscreens. The Horch 12 were competing with the Mercedes-Benz 770 and the Maybach Zeppelin. Many potential customers couldn't afford the cars due to the economic crisis of 1929. Even though the vehicles were offered cheaper than comparable models of Daimler-Benz and Maybach (about RM25,000 compared to about RM45,000 or RM 35,000) only a small number were sold..

By 1933, the production of the car was only built on the long chassis. A year later, the version with short chassis was built. Overall in four years, 81 vehicles were produced.